How to add funds to your MetaTrader 5 Trading account

How to fund your MT5 account

Before you deposit funds into your XBTFX trading account, you must first deposit crypto into your XBTFX wallet.

How to transfer your funds to MT5 for trading:

  • Click the 'Deposit' button of the trading account you would like to load with funds.

  • Select the corresponding crypto wallet. If the MT5 account is in BTC, select BTC in the 'from' field.

  • Once you have selected the wallet, entered the transfer amount and click "Transfer", your funds are then added to the MT5 account and available for trading.


Your MT5 trading account can only funded by the same coin that matches the base currency of the MT5 account. Example: if the MT5 account is in USDT, you can only fund it from your USDT wallet. If you deposit with different coin that is not support by MT5 or MT4 deposit currency, you can exchange it using our exchange function located on the left side navigation "Exchange".

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