Restricted countries

The access and use of our platform, and the services we offer are not allowed if you are located, incorporated or a resident of any of the countries in the overview below.

  • Belarus

  • Belgium

  • Canada* - Québec

  • Cuba

  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea

  • Iran

  • Myanmar (Burma)

  • Russia

  • Sudan

  • Syrian Arab Republic

  • The regions of Donetsk and Luhansk

  • Ukraine

  • United States of America

  • Virgin Islands (U.S.)

  • Yemen

* Other jurisdictions may be (partially) restricted

Access to XBTFX services does not necessarily mean that client activities through the service are legal under local laws, regulations, or directives associated with a client’s country of residence; therefore, it is crucial for every client to consult with legal and tax advisors in their region regarding eligibility to utilize such services.

Important: XBTFX reserves the right to ask for additional documents, information or re-verification at any time while using our services, such as proof of address, identity verification, source of funds, depending on a variety of factors such as client activity or the total amount transacted.

If violation of our ToS is examined XBTFX will immediately restrict the account. Clients should note all transactions are monitored.

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