How to Charge Investors and Set Fees

Step 1: Go to Manager’s Fees

  1. Go to the tab My Accounts.

  2. If you have several accounts, choose the master-account to setup fees from the dropdown list.

  3. Choose the tab Settings.

  4. Scroll down to the field Manager’s fees.

  5. Click Change.

Step 2: Setup fees

  1. Click Add a row.

  2. Fill out each field on the row:

  • Balance: this is the starting balance from which the fees in this row will be applied. Example: first row = 0; second row = 1000. It means that investors with balances from 0 to 1000 will be charged by the fees in the first row; while investors with balances above 1000 will be charged by fees from the second row

  • Fees: add fees in absolute value or in percentages according to the requirements of each fee

  1. If you need more levels of fees, click add row again. If not, go to the next step.

  2. Using several levels of fees is a good tool to stimulate your potential subscribers to invest more money to your account. For example: the investor who invest more then 2000 USD, may have 15% instead of 20% fee for the others who invest smaller amount of money.

  3. Set the Period of charges from the dropdown menu. Investors will always be charged at the end of this period.

  4. Click Save.


Remember, that when you change the fees scheme already having subscribed investors, new fees will be applicable only for investors, who will subscribe after the change. Your “old” investors will stay with the old fee schedule.

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