How to Trade share CFDs on XBTFX

Trade Stock CFDs in MT5

All ECN and Standard accounts have access to single stock CFDs. There are a few ways to find the stocks if they are not visible inside the platform, the first , is to access the symbols list inside the MT5 Terminal.

How to view all symbols or add specific symbols

1) Right click inside the Market Watch panel and select " Show All " to make all active symbols visible.

Or : How to select specific symbols inside MetaTrader 5

Inside the same right-click menu, you can select "Symbols". (quick access to this is Ctrl+U)

2.) The MetaTrader 5 symbols window will now open:

Inside the Symbols window, you can view all symbols inside the symbol tree to the left, or search for symbols up top. When selecting the category on the left, the list of available symbols will populate on the right. Double click on the symbol to turn the $ icon into a gold color. This means she symbol is visible in the platform via the Market Watch list .

Tip* inside the symbols window you can highlight any individual symbol , scroll down and view its contract specification, swap and trading fees.

How to search for symbols:

1) Inside the Market Watch panel within the MT5 platform click the area that says "click to add" located at the bottom of your list of visible symbols. After you click this area, you will be able to type. Simply search any asset by name or symbol and the results will automatically begin to populate.

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