Anti Phishing

How to use Anti Phishing

Anti Phishing will add the code of your choice to all transactional emails sent by our systems to you such as security emails and withdrawals.

Usage Example: Below we have an email requesting to disable 2FA. We can see above the email , " AntiPhishing Code: 123456" . 123456 is the code we have set ,as an example, in the our logins security settings. Since we see our code in the transactional security email, we can confirm that the email is authentic .

How to enable Anti Phishing

In order to enable Anti Phishing you must first have 2FA enabled .

Login into then browse to Profile / Security within the left side navigation.

You will find the Phishing module on the top right side of the page.

Select "Create Code" and choose a familiar code you would like to see in the emails sent to you by us. The code is only a visual confirmation ! Do not us a pin code that you currently use as a code for example, on a debit card or wallet pin code. The Anti Phishing code you choose should be different from any code you use elsewhere because it will be inside emails sent and saved inside your inbox by your email provider.

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