How to enable 2FA

XBTFX offers Two-factor Authentication (2FA) that adds an extra layer of security to your account by asking for a verification code when you sign in.

Steps to enable 2FA

1.) Login to your XBTFX account at

2.) Browse to by clicking on 'Profile' on the left navigation, then 'Security':

3.) Next you will see the 2FA settings. To start the setup process toggle the 2FA button:

4.) Download and install the free Google Authenticator app. Download for Apple, or Download for Android .

After you install the app, click proceed .

5.) Before scanning the QR code with Google Authenticator, copy down the code and save it securely . You can use this code to add 2FA to a backup device or recovery to access your account If you lose your phone.

6.) After scanning the code with your phone, you will see the 6 digit 2FA code . Enter the 2FA Code from Google Authenticator app .

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