How to Add the Nickname and Description of Trading Strategy

Step 1: Setup the name and description

  1. Go to My Accounts.

  2. Choose the right master-account in the dropdown list, if you have several of them.

  3. Go to Settings.

  4. In Account details set the Name of your account and add the Description.


Choose the reliable name for your master-account and add the description which will reflect your style of trading. Also you may give some advice to your investors regarding the balance, ratio, trading volume, etc.

Step 2: Check how the name and description looks like in the Leaderboard

  1. The name appears on the mini-chart title and as a header of the statistics page.

  2. The description appears in the Strategy description tab of the statistics page.


Setting such attributes like name and description will make your master-account more attractive for subscribers. So do not skip this easy steps. By default your master-account will be named Master account name and has no description.

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