Social Trading FAQ

XBTFX Supports PAMM , MAM and Copy trading. All features are encompassed under XBTFX Social Trading.

How do access XBTFX Social

Access XBTFX Social PAMM / MAM / Copy interface by logging into your XBTFX account at . On the left side navigation select PAMM / Copy at the bottom of the menu.

How do I create a payment account?

An MT5 payment account is used to bridge funds from to your master and investor accounts on XBTFX social. Payment accounts are automatically created after you login to and visit PAMM / Copy from the left side navigation. You can see the payment account on your accounts list at and when making transfers there is now a account type called MT5 Payment Account

How do I fund my payment account?

A payment account is an MT5 account that is needed to move funds to the XBTFX Social Interface for deposit into master and investor accounts

When logged into select Funds / Transfer and transfer USDT from your USDT Wallet to your MT5 Payment Account.

  1. In the From: drop down, select USDT under stable coins

  2. Select your MT5 Payment Account in the To: drown down

  3. Enter the amount and hit Transfer

I logged out of , can I log in directly?

No, you must go back to and access the XBTFX Social site via the PAMM/Copy link on the left side menu. Access to requires the authentication of being logged into .

How do I hide my account from the public Leaderboard ?

To hide your account from the leader board:

  1. Go to the Dashboard

  2. Under master accounts, on the account you wish to hide, click the Action menu and select Settings

  3. Under Account details, select the check box next to Hide from rating

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