XBTFX has 2 verification levels , each with different KYC requirements .  

Current users can view and upgrade KYC levels within the client site located here

Level 1

  • Crypto deposit and withdrawal including stable coins
  • Live CFD trading
  • Daily Crypto Withdrawal Limit: equivalent to USD 10,000.00
  • Crypto-Crypto Exchange

Level 1 Requirements

  • Email Verification
  • Country
  • Phone Number

XBTFX does not allow citizens or residents from the US to open an account. This jurisdiction will be blocked by geographic location detection on our signup page. Please review our Terms of Service for further details about our policy of prohibited users and jurisdictions.

Level 2

  • Daily Crypto Withdrawal Limit: Unrestricted
  • Weekly exchange limit: Equivalent 100k

Level 2 Requirements

  • A valid proof of identity ( Passport or national ID card )
  • Valid Proof or residence

Apply for Level 2 KYC