After you have singed up and verified your email, you are now able to deposit to your wallets and open Live or demo trading accounts.

Wallets are separate from trading accounts so you must first deposit into your wallet then transfer the funds into your trading account after they have been credited.

Lets run down how to create a MetaTrader 5 trading account:

Create a Live or Demo MetaTrader 5 trading account

1.) Log into your user account
2.) Click on the MT5 link in the left menu

3.) Select platform and choose the type of account you want. Standard if you want zero fees with spreads, or ECN if you want low spreads and volume fees. A detailed overview of account types can be found here

4.) Next select "currency". This is the currency the MetaTrader 5 account will be dominated in. IMPORTANT - you can only transfer funds from the wallet that matches the currency of the MetaTrader 5 account to Metatrader 5 for trading. So if you deposit with LTC and have a BTC base Metatrader 5 account , you must exchange LTC to BTC using the Exchange option on the left menu before transferring BTC into MetaTrader 5 for live trading.

5.) Next on the form is "Hedging" .  No action needs to be taken here. Hedging is the only type of Metatrader 5 account we currently offer so this menu option left as it is. A "Hedging" MT5 account type is what makes MetaTrader 5 similar to MT4 where orders are opened independently instead of  in net format. We may offering "Netting" accounts in the future if there is a demand for them.

6.) Next Select the leverage you want and press Open account

After you open an account you will receive an email in your inbox with the subject "XBTFX Trading account created". In the email your MetaTrader 5 login ID and Password is provided .

You can now log into your XBTFX  MetaTrader 5 trading account by:

Your trading account is now ready to be used, all you need is to transfer from your wallet to your MetaTrader 5 account to begin placing live trades.

For the next step at getting started, see how to Add funds to MT5